Meet the Owner

Lerrin Bergstein

      Growing up in Midland, Michigan, Lerrin Bergstein

developed a passion for food and entrepreneurship early on. His first professional restaurant job came in 2006. Lerrin worked as a bus boy for nearly three years at a local bistro while he attended high school. He always looked up to the kitchen staff, longing someday to work with them. He looked for any opportunity to fill in for a sick dishwasher or help sort silverware in between clearing tables.

      Lerrin has worked in many different kitchen environments in Michigan and Washington State. Including several banquet halls, catering businesses, fine dining, and family restaurants. He trained under professional chefs that have worked in the industry for decades. The skills that he developed could only be learned through trial and error, and repetition. After over 15 years in the kitchen, it has become a

second home to him. There is no other career he would rather have.

      Chef Lerrin developed his cooking skills the best way there is, through hands on experience. Whether it was watching and helping his mother in the kitchen, taking

cooking classes in high school, or always trying to absorb as much information as possible while at work. The culinary arts have become his true passion. He always loved how universal the skill of cooking was. Everyone always wanted to talk

about food, and most family gatherings usually revolved around them. Receiving so much support from family, friends, and teachers gave Lerrin the motivation to work hard at his craft and become the chef he is today.